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Banger racing is a motorsport that is open to the general public that takes place on enclosed off-road circuits. The word 'banger' generally applies to scrap cars or cars of low value that have been modified to become race worthy. Trials and competitions are extremely popular in the UK, and this form of racing evolved from a desire to race on a budget without damaging your every day car. It can be held in any weather condition and is extremely demanding. Any kind of racing, be it monaco grand prix, motocross, nascar or banger racing is extremely exciting. In case of the latter, drivers perform dangerous leaps and turns. banger racing is an adrenaline-pumping sport wherein up to forty riders can compete at the same time.

Before you get into banger racing, it is important to remember that this is a physically-demanding and dangerous sport. Therefore your choice of car can be critical. In this type of situation, it is advisable to choose a car that is well known for its build quality and reliability, such as a Volkswaken. If you are from the Birmingham area, there are vauxhall parts specialists that could provide you with essential parts at a very competitive rate. If the car has seen the end of its days, it is also worth goind to a specialist dealer so that all valuable parts can be extracted before the car hits the scrap heap.

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The winners of these races are those who can last longer than the other cars. Where as most races are designed around laps or a best time, banger racing has a demolition derby approach - essentially survival of the fittest. There can be upto 40 cars in a banger race, all of varying ages and brands and each designed with a purpose. Rodders - otherwise known as wreckers, are target built to take out as many cars as possible.